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Elves and Sleep

After The Hobbit: DoS came out, I've been wondering what PJ was thinking when the drunken guard Elves were asleep. Got me thinking - are Elves even capable of sleep? Or simply unconsciousness?

There really is no reason for a normally functioning Elf to want to sleep, I think. Reverie is just as if not more restful, knowing how Elf things tend to work. I'm sure if they become really hurt, or get poisoned, it's quite possible for them to lose consciousness.

What about an Elf that's really hurt, and in pain, but conscious? As a human I know I have times where I just want to sleep to take away the pain. Do you think they can induce an unconscious state in that case? Perhaps with help? Or would reverie suffice for the same purpose?

As for the film - that was some special wine.