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That awkward moment...

...when you realize that this is the face you make when you finally make it to the toilet after needing to pee really bad.

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...yup, I know this moment well. XD
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That is such an awkward expression to have screencapped, though. XD Especially since I think in context, it's meant to be exasperation.
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Possibly... I think it's also referred to as his "orgasm face" XD
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Like I said. Incredibly awkward expression sans context. XD Just gotta own it, I guess.
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Touché! Thranduil used to be a largely ignored character. Then Peter Jackson and Lee Pace happened. Now legions of fangirls conspire in hopes of seeing that face as often as possible. XD
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Oh, it drives me nuts too. No thought to characterization or anything, they just want to get straight to the (painfully OOC) smut. Occasionally, you do see someone who does it as an exploratory/crackship deal, but they actually do it well, with things as IC as possible given the situation parameters.

...but mostly, I just wanna revoke their fandom membership cards.
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Ugh, sooooooooo true.

LOL, should I make us some official ones sometime? XD
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LOL Guess that's a big, screaming "yes." XD
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That does deserve consideration, yes.